Our goal is simple:
save labs time and money

Excedr is a lab support program that provides scientists
with comprehensive maintenance/repair coverage and
operating lease solutions at an affordable price.

Trusted Company Offering Scientific Equipment Service Plans and Flexible Leases

At Excedr, our goal is to ensure the success of your business. Whether you are running a laboratory or other scientific facilities, we want to keep you provided with the best in cutting-edge equipment. That’s why we offer flexible scientific equipment leasing options with worry-free service plans- to provide your business with the tools needed to perform at its peak.


We understand your needs because we are scientists first

When it comes to creating innovative solutions that cater to your lab, Excedr’s dedicated team of problem-solvers has got you covered. Here’s how we save you time and money:

  • We collaborate with you directly- no middlemen
  • We handle scientific equipment service, repairs, and maintenance
  • We consolidate and streamline the ancillary work associated with lab equipment procurement and service
  • We utilize our networks to bring you the most cost-savings possible
  • We improve cash flow by removing the upfront cost of purchasing, freeing up capital in your everyday budget
  • We may provide tax advantages with our lease structures

We regularly provide businesses with what they need to improve their budget and efficiency. We offer laboratory equipment leasing for a wide range of needs. If you want to discuss your needs more in-depth, don’t hesitate to call us at (510) 982-6552 or fill out our contact form.

Our Skills

Cost Saving
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Customer Service

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Continued Support
  • Jon Chee
    Jon Chee Lab Relations

    My time spent in the lab opened my eyes to the passion and dedication that drives scientists, as well as the frustration of a tight budget and equipment upkeep. Excedr was created in order to help overcome these obstacles and enable scientists to focus on what they’re truly passionate about: research.

  • Jeff Totten
    Jeff Totten Finance

    Excedr’s success is measured by our customers’ financial savings and productivity, making your laboratory’s interests our main priority. The more time and money we save you, the better we’ve done our job.

  • Gurkarn Bains
    Gurkarn Bains Operations

    The core of my involvement in Excedr extends far beyond business development. My goal is to see that researchers and scientists are provided with an effective operational solution, so that together we can be a driving force in the progress of science.

Worry free lab equipment PM/repair coverage.

Cost-effective lease structures and payment plans.

Knowledge of the laboratory.

Further questions?

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments. We promise to get back to you within 24 hours.